Our equine employees earn their keep with lessons and ranch work. Like one? Ask us about it!

At the ranch...



Josey's main trick riding mount, Fifty is certainly the pretty boy of the remuda. They stay pretty is as pretty does, and he does well. Lessons, parades, and any obstacle- he's an all around keeper. 



Everyone has to start somewhere, and at our house they usually start with Exxon. He's forgiving, easy going, and the best teacher you could have. Safe for anyone to try anything on! 



Bo is enjoying retirement from trick and roman riding as a kid's pleasure horse. She's great at teaching rider's to have light hands and to use leg pressure. 



A surprise find this little mare has been a real gem. She has handled every thing with ease and a fantastic temperament.  She is a pleasure to check cows on and is progressing nicely in ranch versatility showing as well. 



This big guy is bred to run, but born to love. His disposition is fabulous, but his smarts are what really make him stand out in a crowd. He is currently in training for dressage and progressing nicely. 



This looker is on a roll so far to become a ranch favorite, especially with the little girls! We are looking forward to getting him back in the ropin pen. 

In their new, happy homes...



Former roman riding horse Rebel just didn't quite jive in the trick riding pen. However, he was 100% perfect for a little girl's first horse. He's taken his little girl to multiple buckles, all around titles, roping, western pleasure, and english showing. We still receive updates and pictures from them, which is our favorite part of horse sales!



Bugs came from a wonderful Appendix race horse breeding program in West Texas. His laid back personality told us right away he was not going to excel as much in speed events as he would in something that embraced his athleticism. He now lives and excels at a dressage training barn and helps students gain confidence jumping, eventing, or fox hunting. 



We were so sad to see Taco go as he was an incredible animal with tons of personality. However his age and an old injury were going to limit his use. We found a great match for him in Sandy, a 70-something cowgirl who adores him as much as we did. They split the year between Washington and Arizona, trail riding, pleasure riding, and hanging out. He's the perfect gentlemen for his petite little cowgirl!

Two Bit


Now better known as "Promise", this fireball of a mare knew all along she was supposed to belong to a little girl. While all of us ladies loved her speed and flash for performances, she blew us away with her babysitting behavior when she became a little girls horse. She is learning more and more about ranch life, working cows, and gets tons of swimming in the hot Texas summers!



When Blu brought Grasshopper home he said "there's just something about him I like..." Fast forward six months to a phone call from Josey at a rodeo "we are never selling this horse...." However, nothing is sadder than a good horse going to waste, and as you can see by his posing for the camera, Grasshopper was a natural star. He was a solid heel, flag, and trick riding horse, and has taken that further to become a roman riding and full on wild west show star. 

Miss Sue


When this little chestnut came into our lives, we didn't even know her name. All we knew is that we liked her. The more we did with her the more we liked her, too. She was a sweetheart to have around, and a joy to match up with a young mother trying to regain confidence in the saddle. She has done that, and then some, becoming one of the favorites of the whole family at play days, rodeo grand entries, and parades.