Cattle Pen

Commercial Bulls


Each year we hand select the best of our bull calves to be raised and sold as low birth weight commercial bulls. Excellent feed and regular handling make for optimum body and mind condition once our bulls reach breeding age. Sold tested after the age of 15 months. 

Replacement Heifers


Registered quality cattle at commercial cattle prices. The best of our calf crop are fed out and handled regularly making them ideal for show heifers, not just replacement heifers. 

Weaning Services


If you are not set up or don't have time for weaning calves, we can help. Put our facility and experience to work for you and make your weaning a little simpler!

Lease Bull


Our longhorn bull is perfect for first time heifers. Cut down the risks for complications during the calving process by breeding your first time heifers to our bull. Easy to handle 

Farm and Ranch Consulting


Are you new to the cattle or horse industry? How about a first time property owner with land to graze or farm? Contact us and take advantage of our many years of experience to make your journey easier.